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Informed™ Project Assessment

Data is power!

Create powerful metrics and share results with your clients, colleagues, and certification programs.

The Informed Assessment form automates much of the process. Users can cut and paste product choices into the form using this button in the Product Explorer. Associated color rankings, calculations, and feedback are automatically populated in the Dashboard tab.

See your project’s overall performance and identify opportunities for improvement. The Informed Assessment form will calculate the delta between pre-assessment and a post-assessment evaluation.

Demonstrate Compliance

The Informed assessment can contribute to the achievement of green and/or healthy building certification and rating programs, including WELL for residential pilot Feature X02: New Materials Selection.

Step up from red — a critical first move. Next, prefer product types ranked yellow and green.

Download Informed Assessment Form

Preview of Informed Assessment Form, showing multiple sheets with tables and metrics

What else can Informed data do?

Data generated from Informed can be used to identify hotspots and trends, create benchmarks, set goals, illustrate and communicate findings and dive deeper into qualitative and quantitative metrics. For instance, Informed data can be used to calculate weight or volume of hazardous chemicals avoided in a space, room, or portfolio of several projects.

Contact our team to help you with advanced metrics or to learn about an API to Informed data.

Example of floor plan analysis, showing color ratings pre- and post-assessment
Enlarged image of pre-assessment floor plan