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The Easy Way to Select Healthier Building Products

Informed™ materials modeling will help you quickly and confidently choose better building products. Save time, money, and errors.

The intuitive red-to-green color ranking compiles decades of comprehensive research about the health impacts of chemicals throughout the product life cycle.

Step up from red — a critical first move. Next, prefer product types ranked yellow and green.

Best in Class
Light green
Light red
Worst in Class

Product Guidance

The Product Guidance pages will help you learn at your own pace. Our deep research is translated into simple guidance to build your competency about healthier materials.

Sample image of product guidance

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Assessment Tools

The Product Explorer maps Product Guidance to CSI MasterFormat™ divisions. Start selecting product types and then see your results on the Project Assessment form. Share your findings with clients and certification programs.

Image of the Informed Product Explorer, showing high level color ratings for product categories
Preview of Informed Assessment Form, showing multiple sheets with tables and metrics

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Stock image of skyscrapers in New York City

2.5 Trillion Square Feet

The United Nations estimates that by 2060, the entire building stock on Earth will double if we maintain our current rate of construction.

Informed helps build a healthier planet by taking toxic chemicals out of the equation.

Start today. Start somewhere.
Start stepping-up from red.